Why Your First Coffee Maker Should Be A French Press

Coffee is literally LIFE in a cup and I can’t imagine who can’t live without it. Whether it’s for a caffeine boost or just to savor the taste of smooth rich gold in your mouth, it doesn’t really matter. Coffee is an essential part of everyday living and we find so many ways to have the best cup of whenever we can including our home. So, if you’re thinking of getting yourself something to make coffee with, you should opt for a french press.

French Press Infographic

The Coffee-Infographics.com infographic is the fastest way to start brewing, but we have our own infographic as well here: French press infographic 

Here are the reasons why your first coffee maker should be a French Press.


A French Press is 100% cheaper than getting a drip coffee. Though it is easy to buy a drip coffee makers around that’s high-end but affordable, a coffee maker will still be two or three times more expensive.,


Unlike other coffee brewers like an aeropress, moka pot, coffee maker, or espresso machine, most of them requires a specific coffee-to-water ratio while a French press does not. You can adjust the strength of your coffee depending on your preference using a French press.


You can use it to steep tea, chocolate, or infused water. No matter how you see a French press has a lot of uses. In fact, you can use it as an effective strainer for grains, seeds, and leafy vegetables. You can even froth milk and make syrups and infused oils.

Full Control of Coffee

You know exactly how much coffee you need and you can easily make adjustments as to much coffee you’d like to drink at a certain time.

Perfect Cup All the Time

Sometimes you can roast the coffee in a moka pot, or have a watered down coffee from an aeropress. Sometimes, your drip coffee maker’s hot plate overcooks your coffee. All these are factors for a disastrous cup while your French press offers easy-to-use brew that gives you more chances of having a perfect cup every time.

Easy Cleanup

You don’t need to take everything apart just to clean it up, right? Just give it a rinse and toss it in the dishwasher and you are done!

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