Why You Should Start Making Coffee with a Manual Dripper

Manual coffee brewing methods are more and more popular among home baristas and coffee shop professionals alike. Baristas love the ability to control every single aspect in the brewing process and create a cup of joe that is exactly what they need. The ability to highlight the unique character of the coffee has convinced drip coffee lovers to make the switch. Here is an infographic that will teach you how to use a pour over coffee maker. The infographic was designed by Coffee-Brewing-Methods.com.

Manual Drip Infographic

Nothing will ever beat a good cup of freshly brewed coffee. Making coffee with a manual dripper is one of my favorite ways of brewing coffee at home and here are my reasons why:

Enhanced Taste Compared to Other Brewing Methods

The manual dripper blooms your ground coffee to bring out its aroma. The smooth rich taste really comes out when using the pour over method. Unlike other brewing methods, the bitterness of the coffee lingers and some would even bring out hints of sourness. These aftertastes ultimately ruins a cup of coffee.

Personalized Cup

With pour over coffee, I can calibrate my coffee the way I want it. I can make my own brew that fits my personal taste. From making my own blend to testing out different single origin coffee, I can even add personal touches. One fun way is by cutting a slice of grapefruit or orange and pour the water on it to get a hint of sweet fruitiness to it.

Better Control and Easy Adjustments

Making coffee with a manual dripper also allows me to have full control of how much coffee I want. From a large mug to even a small cup of joe. I can also make adjustments by measuring out the strength of my coffee. I can even add flavor to my coffee by using hot milk or flavored hot water in brewing my cup.

Highlights Amazing Coffee Beans

You don’t want to want to waste a good type of coffee by using a wrong brewing method. Making a good brew needs careful brewing but messing up a nice blend is quite easy.

Feels Really Good to Make

I love watching the coffee bloom, once I wet the roasted coffee, watching and hearing the bubbles form really makes me feel really good. It’s enjoyable and somehow very calming to just brew your own cup of coffee. And every wonderful sip just makes it even more rewarding.


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