5 Amazing things You Can Do With An Aeropress

Devoted AeroPress fans say it makes the best coffee. AeroPress is a full immersion method, but it also involves pressure in the brewing process. This creates a smooth and bold, full-bodied cup of coffee. But the regular coffee recipe isn’t the only thing you can get from an aeropress. You’ll be surprised to know that there are other amazing beverages that you can do with it.

Flavored Coffee

Sure we love pure brewed coffee but who can ever dictate just how far we can go to savor a cup? You add your favorite cinnamon, nutmeg, or even a slice of grapefruit in the aeropress to give your cup of coffee a nice added hint of flavor.

Iced Coffee

Vietnamese loves iced coffee and so do I. And to make a more delicious cup, I often freeze some condensed milk in my ice cube trays. To make iced coffee, I toss in some of the frozen sweet milk into a talk glass and press my brewing coffee into it instead of a mug.

AeroPress Cold Brew

When making cold brew, water and coffee grounds are usually in contact for 12 to 36 hours. This gives the fines plenty of time to soak up water. That’s why the Aeropress is a lifesaver, when it comes to cold brew. Because of the air pressure you can actually filter it pretty easily, leaving you with a nice and balanced cold brew in no time.

Cold Drip AeroPress

A Kickstarter  product named “Puckpuck” created an intelligent little cap that turns the Aeropress into a cold drip tower.

Here is an infographic to get you started on brewing coffee with an AeroPress. The infographic was shared by Coffee-Brewing-Methods.com.

AeroPress Coffee Brewing Infographic

Other Beverages We can Make with the AeroPress

Hot Chocolate

Instead of using ground coffee, you can use cocoa powder or even cacao powder. Toss in sugar, and a dash of salt as you stir the slurry and put on the press. Simply add a stick of cinnamon, vanilla, or even nutmeg.


Like making coffee, you can use loose tea leaves or flowers and brew it as usual.

Fruit Press

Though you may need to toss in the help of your biceps in the process, you can really use an Aeropress in the absence of a fruit press. Toss in some watermelon, pomegranate, orange, or other juicy fruits that you can squeeze the juice out from and pour it all into your cup.

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