Moka Pot: Your Cheapest Espresso Maker

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like espresso. And I can’t think of any better way to make espresso at home than with the use of a Moka Pot. Our favorite Moka pot offers such an amazingly strong cup of coffee. For those looking for a fast way to brew a cup with the moka pot the infographic from the website is a great start.

Moka Pot Coffee Brewing Infographic

There are many versions of the Moka pot, some with a fancy design, some with the classical Bialetti Espresso design. However, when we talk functionality, one Moka pot design stands out:  the Brikka Moka Pot.  I like to think of it as an upgraded version of the Moka Pot?

What is a Brikka Moka Pot?

It is a dual valve Moka Pot that adds and regulates pressure to the brewing coffee. It also has a pressure cap to increase the pressure onto the brewing coffee. This creates a different taste for your coffee altogether.

Brikka vs. Traditional Moka Pot

  • Creamier foam. Though they are almost the same, the Brikka Moka pot offers a leveled up taste to your coffee completely. The pressure cap increases the pressure forcing the water to circulate and create a thicker foam.
  • Richer taste. With a dual valve and stronger pressure, it results in a stronger richer flavor. This is much closer to a homemade espresso than a Moka pot espresso.
  1. To get the ultimate cup of homemade espresso, there is a difference in how you can brew using the two.
  2. It’s better to use hot water with the Moka Pot while the Brikka should use cold water from the start or pressure buildup will get too high right from the start.
  3. To prevent the Brikka from stalling, you should also jiggle the pressure cap so that it moves freely.

Whichever it is, Moka pot and the Brikka are the best tasting homemade espresso makers you can ever make and have.

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