You Shouldn’t ‘Wing it’ in Auto Drip Coffee Brewing – Follow a Recipe

It’s easy to mess up a cup of coffee. But, it’s a marvelous art in your mouth when you get it right. Even if you brew using an auto drip coffee maker, you still need to measure your coffee properly. Why, you ask? Let’s find out.

The Golden Ratio

You’ve probably heard this plenty of times. But the truth is, it’s not called the Golden Ration for nothing. Everybody loves a cup of coffee, and the best one yet is a result of a perfect coffee to water ratio.

1 gram for every 15 to 18 mL of water

Slamdunk Flavor

You have no idea how easy it is to pour a bad cup. With a few extra grams of coffee, you can easily spot the difference. A level tablespoon is about 4-7 grams of coffee, that’s a large leeway. If you put too much (1:11), the taste will be sour and very concentrated. But, putting too little (1:22) will result in a watered down but bitter cup.


Unfortunately, if you make a mistake and end up with a really horrible cup, you can’t tweak it anymore. You can probably mask the taste with creamer and extra cubes of sugar, but it’s the same lousy cup of brew. The only choice you have to make another.

The scale is your best friend in auto-drip coffee brewing and any other brewing process. It’s always the right ratio of coffee and water that you end up with that black gold or richness in every cup.

Anyway, our friends from gave us the permission to use this infographic on how to make coffee with a coffee machine. It’s a brief guide but very concise.

Auto Drip Infographic


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