Wine Infused Coffee – A New Direction in Specialty Coffee

Drip Coffee CupWhiskey aged coffee beans are on the market for a long time. The coffee tastes great, but it comes at a price. The newest creation of the industry is a wine soaked coffee bean, that extracts blueberry notes and a discreet acidity from the wine. The result, a unique coffee bean, that brews into a distinctive specialty coffee.

The improbable combination of alcoholic depressant and energy-boosting stimulant comes to us courtesy of an experiment between Napa Valley’s Molinari Private Reserve and master roaster John Weaver of Wild Card Roasters. They’ve apparently worked for over two years to perfect the combination of a house-made red and “carefully selected” coffee beans. The beans “relax” in the “artisan-crafted” wine to absorb its flavors, then get dried and hand-roasted. The result? A rich small-batch coffee with a blueberry note, according to Molinari. Plus, a double boost of antioxidants.

What you do with the ensuing alcohol-infused grounds is up to you: it works just as well for an iced coffee, an espresso, a latte, or any other variation on your favorite coffee preparation, Molinari’s website says. “Much like wine itself, the longer the coffee sits, the better the taste,” they even suggest, which is something we certainly can’t say for our regular workday drip coffee.

While we respect, and we think highly of them, we can’t not comment on their “journalistic” take on the story.

Not sure if you want to get a caffeine buzz—or to wind down?

Seriously? There is absolutely no alcohol in that cup, and they know it.

On another note, you don’t use specialty coffee to make a latte. You can probably use any cheap beans that you buy at the supermarket. The taste is going to be masked anyway, drenched in milk. No need to pay 20$ for a half pound.

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