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French Press - How to make the best coffeeBrew method videos have become their own sort of short film genre in the last decade. There are truly some wonderful videos out there, but none that depict the process with such raw truth as “How To Make French Press Coffee” by Eric Rothman, a Brooklyn-based animator whose work includes projects with Psyop, Google Creative Lab, Vice, and the band Kings of Leon, for whom Rothman designed projection visuals on a recent tour.

Eric Rothman admits in his interview with Zachary Carlsen of

Oh yes. My girlfriend and I are fairly snobby with our home coffee brewing–we weigh our beans, take the temperature of our water, etc.–so it’s fairly involved for being the first thing you do when you wake up. … We would always complain to each other, “How is anyone supposed to do this without coffee?!” The film came from there.

read the rest of the article and watch the animation at

We wrote our own French press brewing guide and we love this brewing method, but Eric puts it in animation very nicely.

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