Cold Brew Business Booms

When I first heard about cold brew I was intrigued, and it resonated with my geeky side. I wanted to start my own cold brew company. I didn’t and now I regret it. Check the story of this guy who got rich brewing the stuff, and you’ll understand me.

In 2010, Chris Campbell decided to quit his intense, consulting job, with the hope that he’d find the next great startup idea–or that it would find him. Months later, it happened.

Campbell was hanging out in an Austin coffee shop owned by his friend Steve Williams, an acquaintance walked in with a bottle of ready-to-drink coffee. “He said, ‘Steve, you sell a ton of great cold brew by the glass here in the shop. I thought you guys would be interested,’ ” Campbell recalls. “I said, ‘What the heck is cold brew?’

Cold Brew CoffeeCampbell was informed that cold brew is just what it sounds like: coffee that’s brewed at a low temperature. The process takes many hours, and the result is a beverage that’s less bitter, and acidic than traditional joe. It’s also the key to brewing up bottles of ready-to-drink coffee. Campbell and Williams’s company, Chameleon Cold-Brew, now sells glass bottles that can be grabbed from a supermarket or convenience store refrigerator and consumed without the need for milk or sugar.

So a couple of guys made a lot of money on cold brew coffee. What do we care? It’s just nice to see that cold brew is catching up and is not just a temporary trend. We love cold brew, and we recommend it to anyone.

We love cold brew, and we wrote a comprehensive tutorial on it, you can read it here: How to Make Cold Brew Coffee.

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