Coffee Drinking as a Visual Art

We all love latte art. I don’t drink latte too often, but when I have one, I almost can’t get the first sip. I want to keep the art forever. People love to improve the visual aspect of their food and coffee. We drink and eat with our eyes as much as we do with our mouth. One of the most visually appealing coffee come from a Japanese coffee lover, who hangs out on Instagram. Here are a few awesome pics of her.


The Japanese Instagrammer known simply as Sawa is like many folks—she starts her day with a good cup of coffee. But for her, it’s more than just a nice dose of caffeine. Each hot beverage provides an opportunity to create a beautiful work of art. In her ongoing series called La Fee De Fleur, Sawa arranges fresh and dried flowers around the cup in an eye-pleasing crescent shape. Afterwards, she documents the ephemeral coffee art and shares it online, where it’s sure to perk you up with its exquisite colors and textures.


The point of La Fee De Fleur is simple but sweet—it’s a visual respite while you’re taking in the morning news. With each message, Sawa offers an optimistic sentiment, from wishing her followers a “Happy Friday” to start their weekend, as well as a “Happy new week,” on Mondays.


This is one of my favorites because it features black drip coffee, just the way I like it.

Instead of a conclusion: I am impressed by Sawa’s skills, and I loved everyone of them. I can’ teach you how to make these, but I can teach you how to make great coffee. If you need a little refresh to shake that routine off, visit our tutorial on how to brew drip coffee.

All photos courtesy of Sawa on Instagram

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