How To Make Espresso With An Espresso Machine

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‘It takes skill to make espresso using an espresso machine.’

You’ve probably heard that many times before and it’s more than likely that you believed it. Just because you have an espresso machine doesn’t mean that you can pull off a kicking cup of espresso every time. You’re probably just doing it wrong.

You’re using the wrong type of water. Water straight from the tap has chemicals like chlorine that changes the taste of the water when heated.

You do not measure your ground coffee with a scale. For anyone new to using espresso, then you need to measure your coffee. Estimating it will either result to really bitter coffee to an espresso that’s watered down.

Make sure it’s finely ground coffee. You’ll end up wasting your coffee if you use coarsely ground coffee and you’re also going to have a dull tasting cup of espresso.

Tamp it well. When you tamp your coffee, you should at least check if the coffee is leveled. Some would foolishly tamp on the portafilter with uneven pressure.

Your coffee sucks. Fresh coffee is the only choice you have in making espresso. Once you grind your coffee, you should use it fresh off the grinder or a maximum of two days after being ground.

You’re not cleaning your machine right. When grounds of coffee get stuck on your portafilter, they also tend to go sour, stale, and eventually, they spoil.

We have this super simple guide to making an amazing espresso with an espresso machine. Guide provided by

Espresso Brewing Infographic

You can also check our other article on the subject, if you need a more thorough espresso brewing guide.

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