Coffee Culture Around the World

Coffee Culture Around the World

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Coffee is roasted, brewed, and drank in a huge variety of ways. For many it’s a much needed pick-me-up each morning, for others it’s a delicious drink in the late evenings. For thousands of years, people have been enjoying the rich taste of coffee. Since the discovery of caffeine in Ethiopia in the 17th century, the world’s favourite beverage has spread across the globe. From the traditional Turkish coffee ceremonies to the simple Italian espresso shot, coffee culture is ubiquitous with many countries worldwide.

For example, did you know, the first coffee shop was opened in Istanbul, Turkey? Whether you prefer your coffee bitter or sweet, there are plentiful reasons why coffee is the world’s most consumed drink. Phil from Espresso Works made this brilliant infographic that looks at how coffee is engrained in the global cultures. Let’s take a look at this awesome infographic to learn about coffee around the world!

I love this infographic, but if you ask me, Turkish coffee should be on that map too. I know, you can’t cram in too many coffee types, the infographic would be too crowded. Yeah, I got Phil’s intention. He only featured special recipes, none of the classics are presented. So from that perspective, I think it’s OK to not have espresso and Turkish coffee on the map.

Coffee Styles Around the World

Infographic showing coffee styles around the world

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