The Best Drip Coffeemaker: The Battle Between Technivorm and Bonavita

Bonavita vs Technivorm
When it comes to searching for the best drip coffeemaker, the field gets narrowed down pretty fast to two choices: Bonavita and Technivorm. These two leaders standout in the coffee market for many reasons, leaving competitors like Bunn, Cuisinart, and Breville in the dust. Technivorm has ruled the field for many years, but the up-and-comer Bonavita is moving in on the number one spot fast, offering an affordable option for those who are scared off by the high Dutch price tag. Is Bonavita cheaper? Yes it is less expensive than the hand assembled Technivorm. But if you are looking to buy your run-of-the-mill-cheap-coffee-brewer, none of the two is. These two are in the elite of the SCAA aproved coffee brewers, an elite of 7 brewers. What this means, is that these coffee machines can make exceptionally great coffee, with consistency. Specialty coffee grade, not just a black odorless, bitter drink that you drink to get caffeinated. But read on to see why these two are 0so great, and which one is your next coffee machine.

Side by Side Comparison

The big question is: What really is the difference between the two?

And, perhaps just as important, we should ask, “Is there a clear difference, one that will determine which coffeemaker you buy?”

Let’s first look at Product Quality:

It’s pretty clear that because of the high quality materials used by Technivorm, it is overall a better quality coffeemaker. Created in the Netherlands and using all Dutch parts, Technivorm doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to producing a top-of-the-line machine. And not only are the materials best of the best, but they are also aesthetically appealing. The body crafted from aluminum and the heating element created from copper give Technivorm’s product an enviable quality when compared to other drip makers in the market.

But then you have to look at Bonavita…

An American company, Bonavita utilized a brilliant team of German engineers to create their design, one that is also incredibly attractive to look at. The biggest downside to Bonavita when it comes to quality is that the product is actually built in China. Chinese manufacturing helps to cut the cost dramatically, but it leaves the coffeemaker with some undesirable pieces of plastic, which make it look cheaper overall. In reality, Bonavita’s machine will last you just as long as Technivorm’s, but there is a definite difference when you begin to examine the materials used in production.

Speaking of materials, let’s now look at Cost:

 Technivorm’s coffeemakers are more expensive, with prices starting around $300 for their entry-level model, Moccamaster. Less expensive of course is Bonavita, whose line of products starts at half the cost, $150. You’ll find some Bonavita models reaching into the mid-200’s.


As you get deeper into your research for the best drip coffeemaker, you start to ask questions about performance, especially about Reliability:

In all honesty, both products perform well and stand the test of time, especially when you compare them to other coffeemakers on the market. These days, anything that will last you more than a few years seems to be ahead of the curve. With that said, Technivorm is truly the king. While Bonavita products will last you several years, a Technivorm coffee machine will last you practically forever. Technivorm machines just last… and last and last.

Looking at the warranties offered by both companies will also hint at this difference – Technivorm offers a 5-year warranty on most products, while Bonavita typically only offers a 2-year warranty.
So let’s take a closer look at one of Technivorm’s top-selling products, The Moccamaster:

Review: The Technivorm Moccamaster

This machine has been the leader in the high-end coffee market for years, and with good reason. Well-built with quality materials that will stand the test of time, The Moccamaster provides you with consistently good coffee, although it does require a couple minutes on your part in order to get things just right.

Other products require a little less time, able to make a good cup of coffee without babysitting the machine, but many fans of The Moccamaster prefer having their hand in the crafting of the perfect cup.

Moccamaster Brewing Features

  • Showerhead: In order to allow the grounds to be evenly saturated, the designers of The Moccamaster created a metal showerhead that can be moved around manually. This is one of those “hands-on” parts of making coffee with this machine. It doesn’t take much time, but some consumers wish you didn’t have to do anything (which is the case with Bonavita models).
  • Brewing Basket: Technivorm’s Moccamaster allows you to custom-set the brewing basket, giving you options to select between fast and slow drip or no drip at all. This customization ability helps consumers experiment creating the perfect cup of coffee. This puts them in control of selecting brew settings and grind sizes. The open top design of the basket allows for contact with the grounds, adding yet another level of customization.
  • Brewing Temperature: Set to a lower temperature than Bonavita, The Moccamaster makes a smooth cup of coffee, one that is a little cooler than the final product that comes from Bonavita.

Still not sold on Technivorm? Good, because there is more to learn. Let’s now take a closer look at one of Bonavita’s top products, the BV1800SS Coffee Brewer:

Review: Bonavita BV1800SS

Unlike Technivorm’s Moccamaster, Bonavita’s BV1800SS does all of the work for you. Without the need to tend to the grounds or manually adjust settings, this Bonavita maker allows you to literally press a button and walk away, coming back to a fresh cup of coffee. Hotter than a Technivorm cup of coffee, Bonavita’s product actually creates slightly more caffeine, but the price you will have to pay for that extra jolt is a slightly more bitter taste.

No, the Bonavita will not last as long as the Technivorm, but the benefit of this is that you will most likely be ready for a new product anyway, one equipped with the latest technology and materials.

BV1800SS Brewing Features

  • Showerhead: It’s not adjustable like the one featured in The Moccamaster, but it functions well and doesn’t require any manual adjustment, which can save you time and possible headaches.
  • Brewing Basket: The closed basket on the BV1800SS is a major difference when compared to the Technivorm product. Although you don’t have access to the grounds, many consumers are actually glad to not have to customize each cup.
  • Brewing Temperature: Brewing a hotter cup of coffee that The Moccamaster, Bonavita’s finished products is bolder and slightly more bitter. This does create a slightly more caffeinated cup of coffee. This feature is one of the main determinants when it comes to consumers choosing between the two coffeemakers – personal preference will dictate whether you want your coffee smoother and slightly cooler (Technivorm) or bolder with more caffeine (Bonavita).

While there are obviously other drip coffeemakers available, there is a reason why Technivorm and Bonavita remain the clear leaders. Both companies make quality products that are more reliable and attractive than their competitors, while also ensuring that the finished cup of coffee produced is one that you will want to drink day after day.No, neither product is cheap, but if you want a quality product you should expect to not pay the least amount possible.  Both Technivorm and Bonavita are well-worth the investment.

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  1. Great article, thank you! That Moccamaster looks sweet. I’m not a fan of the Bonavita’s hot plate. And where does the Behmor Brazen fit into this contest? Surely with pre-infusion and SCAA approval it deserves at least a mention?


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