The Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in the US – YouTube

The most expensive cup of coffee… How does a cup of coffee get so expensive? Is it the beans? Or is it the barista? Or maybe the coffee maker… It’s probably a combination of the three. We talked about wine soaked coffee beans, a staggering 40$ per pound. Specialty coffee has its price, and there is a reason for that. Wine soaked coffee beans, single origin, or kopi luwak, are expensive because they are rare, or the processing is very complex. But the most expensive cup is not even about the beans, it’s about the coffee maker. The coffee made in a Steampunk coffeemaker is so expensive because a Steampunk costs about 15000$, and there are only a few of them in the world.

The Steampunk coffee maker is made by Alpha Dominche, a Salt Lake City based company. Here is how they explain the brewing process with their coffee maker. If we were to put a label on this brewer, we would call it an advanced siphon brewer.

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